Poplar Domestic Hardwood Lumber

TBM Hardwoods customers demand stable, low defect Poplar Domestic Hardwood Lumber with good lengths and widths for moulding programs, fixtures, organs, caskets, furniture, panelling, billiard tables, musical instruments and trim.

Poplar hardwood has a pale olive-yellow brown heartwood and sapwood is lighter off-white or gray with greenish hues. TBM Poplar lumber has relatively straight grain and a fine, uniform texture.  We carry many pre-sorted width and length options to help customers minimize waste and maximize yields.

Please call to discuss all your hardwood needs: 800-233-5137.

TBM Hardwoods

The Mark of Responsible Forestry.​

FSC Certified Domestic and Imported Hardwoods
  • TBM Hardwoods is proud to offer FSC® certified domestic and imported hardwoods upon request.

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