Millwork Services

Our experienced millwork team produces quality milled products to your specifications at lower costs and with short lead times.

Our many value-add millwork services include:

Our Oliver Strait-o-planer combines facing and surfacing in one to remove unevenness, twist and bend.  Surfacing produces more uniform boards free of dirt and ready for production. Color and grain patterns are more easily spotted. You’ll save time and labor after surfacing because your board will be closer to its finished overall thickness.

Straight-line ripping allows you to work off one straight edge in order to maximize and control board dimensions to best fit your specifications.

By ripping two parallel edges (R2E) you get moulder-ready, millwork-ready blanks that can go from our trucks immediately into production. We take care of the labor and waste. Accuracy in job estimating and ordering increases with pinpointed LF costs.

With an additional pass through our moulder, we can produce surfaced-four-sides (S4S) dimensional boards with a precision finish.

Using our CAD program, CNC template making, and custom knife grinding technology, we can create custom mouldings and profiles for any project. Create your own or choose from thousands of in-stock moulding profiles.  

Control costs and lead times with premium priming and/or buffing services for mouldings and dimensional lumber. We can offer latex or oil-based priming on 3-sides or all 4-sides of S4S or custom moulded lumber. Buffing primed millwork provides a smoother finish and ready for final painting applications.

Our Baker horizontal band resaw slices rough lumber into a variety of thicknesses.  Ideal for glue-up applications.  Our resaw can handle up to 17″ wide. 

We can deliver anywhere. With a fleet of trucks driven by our experienced drivers, your lumber will arrive safely and on-time. With weekly routes throughout the Mid-Atlantic, as well as points north, south and west, our company-owned curtain-sided trailers protect lumber from the elements and offer efficient, easy off-loading. We also have several small maneuverable flatbed trucks for fast, local deliveries. We do our best to accommodate deadlines that fall outside weekly delivery schedules. And when necessary, we have a trusted network of LTL carriers for national and international shipments. TBM delivers–with a smile