Millwork Services

TBM Hardwoods has the most skilled, experienced millwork team in its history using the latest software technology and machinery to mould and finish hardwoods to your unique specifications. 

Our streamlined operations means short lead times. Our focus on precision means our tolerances are less than 10,000th of an inch for creating accurately milled boards ready for final manufacturing or finishing. Our menu of vertically integrated millwork services allows you to choose options to eliminate steps from your manufacturing process to save time and money. 

SURFACING   Our Oliver Strait-o-planer combines facing and surfacing to remove unevenness, twist and bend. Surfacing produces more uniform boards free of dirt and ready for production. Color and grain patterns are easy to spot. Save yourself time and labor because surfaced board are closer to your finished overall thickness.

RIP 1 EDGE (R1E)   Straight-line ripping allows you to work off one straight edge to maximize and control board dimensions to best fit your specifications.

RIP 2 EDGES (R2E)   By ripping two parallel edges (R2E), we create moulder-ready, millwork-ready blanks that can go from receiving directly into production. We take care of the labor and waste. You increase accuracy in job estimating and ordering using pinpointed lineal foot costs.

S4S BOARDS   With an additional pass through the moulder, you get surfaced-four-sides (S4S) dimensional boards with a precision finish.

CUSTOM & IN-STOCK MOULDING PROFILES   With CAD, CNC template making technology and CNC 1000 Rondamat knife grinding machinery, we offer precise custom mouldings and profiles. Create your own unique profile or choose from thousands of in-stock moulding profiles.  

CUSTOM GLUE UPS   We now offer high quality glue ups for rails, panel, table top and slab project work. Our Taylor clamp carrier with rotary clamps, hydraulic presses and fully automated clamping system allows our team to efficiently produce stable, durable custom pieces through a high quality glueing process. We can accommodate specifications for certain species up to 6” thick, 32” wide and 16’ in length.

PRECISION END TRIMMING (PET)   Our Opticut Precision End trimmer offers an array of value added services for cabinet, door, parts and flooring manufacturers. We can handle in-house as much of the manufacturing as you need to streamline your production and pinpoint costs with optimal accuracy. PET services include cut-to-size products, double-end-trimming to square board ends to within 10,000th of an inch and defecting lumber with scanning technology that accounts for defect that is tolerated within standard grades but not for your manufacturing specs. Defect scanning and trimming removes wane, knots, shake and checks.

PRIMING & BUFFING   Control costs and lead times with premium priming and/or buffing services for custom mouldings and S4S dimensional lumber. We offer latex or oil-based priming on 3-sides or all 4-sides. Additional buffing of primed millwork provides a smoother finish that’s ready for final painting.

RESAWING   Our Stenner resaw is the latest technology in precision vertical and angle cutting. Ideal for glue-up applications, the Stenner slices rough lumber into specified thickness handling widths up to 17″. 

SHIPPING & DELIVER   We can deliver anywhere. With a fleet of trucks driven by experienced drivers, lumber arrives safely and on-time. We run weekly routes throughout the Mid-Atlantic, as well as points north, south and west. Company-owned curtain-sided trailers protect loads from the elements and offer efficient, easy off-loading. We also have several small maneuverable flatbed trucks for fast, local trips. We do our best to accommodate deadlines that fall outside weekly delivery schedules. And when necessary, we have a trusted network of LTL carriers for national and international shipments. TBM always delivers–with a smile.