Facts to Know from Criswell Davis’s Ted Talk on Designing with Hardwood

Facts to Know from Criswell Davis’s Ted Talk on Designing with Hardwood

We really loved the Tedx Talk recently given by Criswell Davis, internationally recognized American hardwood expert, speaker and hardwood specification consultant.  He shared some great information on why designing with wood is beneficial to us all.  As we hear about rainforests burning and other environmental disasters, it’s beneficial to watch the video to better understand how the well-managed U.S hardwoods resource is sustainable.  And by well-managed, that means cutting trees down at the right time and incorporating wood into the built environment.   Here are some key facts from his talk we thought it prudent to share: 

1.  Trees and Humans are Symbiotic:  Humans exhale carbon dioxide.  Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, hold carbon and give us back oxygen.  As carbon dioxide levels rise, trees can reduce greenhouse gases.  Trees are our perfect environmental partner.

2.  Timing matters…the sustainable way to harvest trees:  The peak life of a tree is around 80 years, then it stops absorbing carbon and starts leaching it back into the atmosphere.  Selection Harvesting means harvesting mature trees that have done their job.  Selection Harvesting, as has been done in the U.S. for the past two centuries,  ensures that the forest continues to thrive by opening the canopy, allowing light and rain to reach the saplings and help them grow. Saplings in turn absorb carbon aggressively, and new life is breathed into the forest.

3.  The U.S. Hardwood crop is well-managed, sustainable and growing:  Did you know that there are twice as many trees growing as are being cut down?  And there is twice the hardwood volume compared to 50 years ago?  The hardwood resource here in the states is constantly renewing and lasts.

4.  The U.S.’s Selection Harvest is a model for the world:  We are doing it well here in the United States.  Other countries are scrambling to plant trees for similar affect:  Ethiopia recently planted 350 million trees in one day and India planted 222 million in one day.

5.  Biophilic Design is being incorporated in homes, businesses and hospitals:  The act of bringing wood into the design process means people inhabiting those structures enjoy health benefits.  

Click here to watch Criswell Davis’s talk:  “American Hardwood Improves Our Lives” 

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