TBM Hardwood Project Highlight: Custom Made Hardwood Desk

TBM Project Highlight Hardwood Desk

This Scissor Table, constructed using TBM Hardwood’s plain-sliced white oak lumber, is a collaboration between architect Bailey Heck (BHH Architects) and designer Mark Williams (December Box). Built in NYC, these tables stem from utility and functionality.

About the Design: Required to allow for multiple working heights, the tables adjust vertically by mechanical means – articulated through a custom steel and brass gear box and pivot joint. The size and required movement of the Scissors Table also dictate member strength and size, to which a sculpted armature merging both wood and metal followed. With smoke grey glass as the table top – the aesthetic allows for a constant hint of the exposed mechanics below.

“For the wide 10/4 plain-Sliced white oak, we only went to Baird (McIlvain) because we knew he was committed to providing us the best.”  -BHH Architects

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